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– 新地圖 [升降遺跡]
一上一下的攻防激戰! 現在展開~

– 新系統[家族聯賽]
全新家族聯賽現在開始, 4-5個家族進行小組聯賽

– 神奇的幸運道具 與 角色卡片

– 30日環遊世界
想要環遊世界嗎? 在這裡你可以拜訪世界的每一個角落。喔! 還有機會遇見神秘的角色在旅程上幫助你喔!

– 與好友成立隊伍,共同為夢想而戰


This is a game for all ages, throwing a dice and you can start a journey of surprise!
How long have you not played games with family or friends? Remember the joy of getting together to enjoy the game on paper when you were young?

With each flight of the scorpion, you can get the most exciting and fun.
If you want to be the richest person in the world, try to beat your opponent!
– New map [lifting ruins]
Pulling the whole row up through the floating stone, making it impossible for the opponent to move
A battle on the offensive and defensive!

– New system [family league]
The new family league is now starting, 4-5 families in the group league
Help the family to reach the highest glory by limiting the battle

– Magical lucky props and character cards
The strategy uses character skills and lucky props to win, launching props and having the opportunity to reverse the victory!

– Around the world on the 30th
Want to travel around the world? Here you can visit every corner of the world. Hey! There is also a chance to meet mysterious characters to help you on the journey!

– Set up a team with your friends to fight for your dreams
Traveling alone is always a bit lonely, sharing with friends and moving forward together makes the journey full of memories! In the game, you can team up with friends to fight and throw a dice for your dreams.

are you ready? All the treasures are waiting for you in front, and take risks with your friends!

* According to the game software hierarchical management method, this software is used for counseling level, people over 12 years old.

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